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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why can't anyone sleep!?!

Maya and Cloth Daddy asleep on the couch.
The best part about being a mother is that you are always there for your children.  But, why does it always have to be at 2am.  My five year old son woke me up at two saying he couldn't sleep.  He said, "Mommy, can I go lay in the front room?"  Of course I wanted to get back to bed so I agreed.  About two minutes later he runs back into my room.  I get up once again and ask him what's wrong.  He then tells me,"Mommy I'm scared...I was putting on the tv and someone was whispering my name..." I told him it was ok and he could go back in the front room.  He seemed ok but no more than 15 second after he left my room, there he was again. He ran back into my room, telling me the same story.  I told him it was ok and to just stay in our room.  At this time Maya had already woke up once and was in our bed.  I put a pillow and blanket on the floor for Nik and he lied down.  He fell asleep in two seconds flat...  Now I think, ok I can finally get some sleep.  No, not my luck.  As soon as I lied back down, I started to get a migraine and felt sick.  "What is going on tonight?"  Then when I finally start feeling a little better and lay back down, of course, Maya wakes up. She was so fussy.  This time David got up with me.  I changed her diaper and made her a bottle.  She refused to let me nurse her.  She is so stubborn.  David took her, and now, at 5:14am they are both asleep, on the couch.  At this time I would think I could go back to bed, but no, I am wide awake. I love waking up to my children, but for one night can Mommy get some sleep.  Xavier, Nik, David and Maya are all sound to sleep.  I guess I should cherish this moment.  At least it's quiet in this house.  Even though I have been up since two and can't go back to bed, I will enjoy the quiet.  I don't think I'm the only one out there, that feels like we need just one day of peaceful sleep.  One day i will get that peaceful sleep, but for now I will just enjoy the fact that when something is wrong, the kids come to me.  I am their protector.  I always will be...

~Cloth Mommy~

Nik asleep on my floor, right next to my bed.

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