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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tie Dye To Die For

Do you like tie-dye?  Our local cloth diaper store just got some in.  These cute and adorable tie-dye diapers are made by ButterBears.  ButterBears are made by a mom in upstate New York.  This is a cute OS pocket diaper. The cloth on the outside of the diaper is so soft.  The inside is made of a suede cloth.  The tie-dye comes with two inserts and snap closure.  I love the fact that no two are alike.  Since they are homemade tie-dyed diapers they are all different.  We have a pink and orange one.  We only wanted this pocket diaper because it was cute. I washed it only once and had to put it on my daughter.  It was really absorbent and no leaks.  It has a higher rise, which we love and fits my 13 pound daughter perfectly...Overall I love this diaper.  I give it 5 diaper pins (like 5 stars).

So everyone, check out ButterBears.  You are going to love them.
Go to and check them out.

~Cloth Mommy


  1. Love mine too!!! And I also only washed it once bc I had to get it on O and NO leaks!! I am very happy with it and can't wait for Cutie Poops and Bottoms to get more in. We need more!!

  2. I believe they are getting more in this week. ButterBears are one of my favorites. We really love this diaper.

  3. Hi, everyone I would love if you could all post pictures of your little ones wearing the tie-dye on my facebook page and also leave a review there on the diapers.!/pages/ButterBears/104290899620577?ref=sgm

    I am new and just starting out so every review would greatly be appreciated. Keep checking my facebook page for a tester special that I will be running. Thanks Bonnie @ ButterBears.

  4. We will have them any day in at Cutie Poops and Bottoms! enter TIEDYE2 at check out for just $2 shipping!