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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sheepish Grins

How many fans here love wool?  As you all know, I do.  If you know anything about wool, you know it has to be lanolized.  I have tried several brands of lanolin and wool wash.  My favorite by far is Sheepish Grins.  Sheepish Grins was the very first wool product I have used.  I find that it keeps my wool in great shape.  Sheepish Grins makes an entire line of wool products.  I currently use their solid lanolin, wool wash bar, foaming wool wash w/ lanolin and the creamy lanolin spray.  The first time I used the lanolin spray and foaming wool wash was for this review.  With your wool you should wash it and lanolize it before use.  I do that with all of my wool.  Sheepish Grins comes in all kinds of yummy scents and unscented. Sheepish Grins products are made in small batches with the best ingredients, so you know you are getting the best. They are also all made by hand.  I now use only Sheepish Grins for all my wool care needs.  I currently use the spray lanolin for holding me over until next lanolize day.  Just spray it on and let is dry.  I have been spraying the inside of my covers after I take them off of my daughter to extend the period between lanolizing.  I was lanolizing every 10-14 days.  Now with the spray lanolin, I lanolize every 3 weeks. Love this stuff!!!!

What exactly is lanolin, you might ask?  Lanolin is a greasy, sticky, yellow substance that is naturally made by sheep to keep their wool coat soft and dry.  Lanolin also helps to prevent bacteria from growing.  It is naturally antibacterial.  It is made from a mixture of cholesteral and fatty acids.  The wool is sheared off of the sheep at least once a year.  It is then cleaned and the lanolin is then extracted.  The best things about lanolin is that it is completely biodegradable, it is natural and no sheep are hurt in the process of making lanolin.  Since it keeps sheep dry it will act the same with your covers.  Lanolin also reacts with your baby's urine to neutralize it, kind of like a soap.  In a way they are self cleaning.  Because of this you only need to re-lanolize every 3 weeks or so.

Since you must lanolize your wool, why not lanolize it with the best!  Sheepish Grins is the best lanolin and wool care products I have used.

Sheepish Grins would also love to offer one fan a 2 oz Lanolin and Wool Wash Set, in scented or unscented.  To enter this giveaway please visit their website and tell me which scent you would like to try (along with the mandatory entry). This giveaway will end at 11:59 pm CST on September 3rd..

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sloomb Love

Some of our stash.
I started seeing the Sloomb name last year. I read all the reviews, talked to Sbish loving mamas and decided to give it a try. Once we received our Income Taxes I took the plunge. I placed an order for two wool covers and 12 fitteds. Yes, that does seem like a lot when you haven't tried it yet! I couldn't wait to get them. Once I got my first shipment, I fell in love. The colors are so vibrant and the wool was so soft and squishy. I couldn't wait to wash our first fitted. As a matter of fact, I didn't. I put one on her right out of the box. To my surprise it was one of the most absorbent fitteds I have ever used. Once the wool was lanolized I found it was the best wool cover I have ever used. I then decided I needed to expand my stash. We ordered a couple of snapless fitteds and bamboo flats. What I love most about the Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitteds, the Snapless Fitteds, and the Flats are they are all bamboo. Bamboo is a natural fiber that is super absorbent. I was officially converted to a Sbish junkie!!! I needed more. In fact I have some on preorder.

The colors of all Sloomb products beautiful. They are so simple, but fun at the same time. The fitteds are natural colors with contrasting color trim. My favorites are squash, beeswax, chili and the new summer colors. I have watermelon and mermaid on order. The wool colors are the best. We currently have a squash, berry and natural wool cover, kirsche shorties and a pair of berry longies. Can't wait for Galactic longies for the fall. Not to mention all the flats we have. I also love the packaging because there is no packaging, instead the wool comes with plantable hang tags.

It was then that I had to try the one thing I haven't yet. LONGIES!!! I couldn't wait to get our longies. When they arrived I think I hugged them. Maya saw them and had to put them on right away. I actually put them on over a pocket diaper. The longies that Erin had sent us were a beautiful berry color. We have a cover in that color and love it. Once Maya let me take them off, I lanolized it right away. I have some longies from recycled sweaters but nothing this luxurious. Sloomb longies are made of oko-tex certified wool yarn and dyes. Since they are breathable they could be worn all year. It is currenlty 100* here in Chicago and Maya has been wearing them in the AC. Now the addiction just got worse. The fall colors have been released and are up for order. What do I do? I can only get one pair. I have even been finding all kinds of cute tops and dresses that will match the fall colors perfectly.

Sloomb longies are not only soft, squishy and beautiful, but they are also the most durable wool that I have ever seen. They are so pretty at times I don't want Maya rolling around in them. Then I remember they are so durable, even my 17 month old active baby can't ruin them. The wool is just the right thickness and weight. I love that Maya can crawl in her longies and not pick up every from the floor. Plus the berry color does hide any dirt that may have gotten on them.

What I love about Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb is that the company is run and operated by one mom. Erin is the heart and soul of the company. She is the one who will answer emails and Facebook, ship out your orders, and the right one to talk to if you need help. Thank you Erin for sponsoring this review. We love our longies.

I can go on and on about Sloomb. If you have any Sloomb, you know what I mean. If you haven't tried Sloomb products yet, you need to. Please visit Sloomb here. All of the wool longies for the fall are pre-orders only, so get your order in. Don't forget to throw in a fitted too.  

Sloomb Website
Sloomb Facebook

One a scale from 1-5 we give Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb, 5 diaper pins. We love our longies and every other product we have purchased from Sloomb. Thank you Erin for a wonderful product and company.

With fall and winter right around the corner, would you like to win your very own longies?  Visit the Sloomb page and tell me what your favorite color longies are.  Complete the madatory entries and comment on this post for your chance to win.(1 comment for favorite color with mandatory entry, 1 comment comment for each additional extra entry) Please make sure you comment with your name and/or email.
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Giveaway ends 11:59pm August 31st. Winner will be announced September 1st.

Good luck to everyone! Thank you again, Erin!
~Cloth Mommy

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Is your baby a CatBird Baby!?!

At the zoo in Mei Tai.
How many parents want an easier way to get around with your little ones? How many parents have actually tried "wearing" their babies? CatBird Baby has made it easy for you! CatBird Baby has created a line of Mei Tai style carriers that you will love.  In 2004, founder, Beth Leistensnider was traveling with her 7 month old daughter and needed an easier way.  She then created a mei tai and it worked great. Once she returned from her travels, she realized that people were willing to buy her mei tais right off her back.  At that time CatBird Baby was created. She came up with a simple carrier that will work for anyone. CatBird Baby also makes another awesome soft structure carrier, called a Pikkolo, support belts and winter weather covers.

Fist time in Mei Tai.

Last year I found CatBird Baby.  I was really interested in them once I found out they are in Chicago.  Yes, my home town. We were looking for a soft structure carrier at that time. Cloth Daddy really loved the look of the Pikkolo.  We then decided to go with it.  Mei Tai carriers scared me.  I didn't understand all the long straps. I have seen many people wearing their baby in a mei tai, and I thought, "why not give it a try!"  CatBird Baby was so kind to sponsor this review.  They sent me a beautiful mei tai.  Once I opened it up I wanted to try it right away.  The nice thing is they give you illustrated instructions on how to use it.  You could carry your baby on your back, in a front carry or even hip carry.  I loved that is was so versatile. Another great aspect of CatBird Baby is that they all have hoods.  The Pikkolo and the Mei Tai have a hood to protect your sleeping baby or even from rain or the sun.  You could even visit their website at any time to learn how to use your mei tai. I found it extremely easy to carry Maya in a front carry.  The back carry needed some work.  From the first time I put Maya in the Mei Tai, she loved it.

Some people might say carrier your baby around is spoiling them.  They are wrong.  Not only does it make your life easier, but you create and ultimate bond with your baby.  I find it so much easier to carrier Maya around when she is not feeling well and only wants to be held.  When we go to the mall we don't have to worry about a stroller fitting through the aisles, or finding an elevator.  CatBird Baby carriers are light weight and stylish at the same time. CatBird Baby mei tais can also be used with a newborn.
The comfort of wearing a mei tai by CatBird Baby was extremely comfortable.  Maya is 14 months old and 22 lbs and I was able to wear her while gardening and walking around the zoo all day. Not once did I get tired or feel any strain in my back, like I have with other carriers. I have used various ring slings, wraps and carriers and I find that I love my CatBird Baby Mei Tai the best. Cloth Daddy still hasn't tried the mei tai but he loves his Pikkolo.

Once a scale from 1-5 we give CatBird Baby a 10!  Yes I said it, a 10!  We love how easy and comfortable they make it for parents and babies.

To visit the CatBird Baby website, click here.

Make sure you head over and "like" CatBird Baby's Facebook page as well.

We would love to thank Beth from CatBird Baby for sponsoring our review.  Thank you!!!

~Cloth Mommy~


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boogie down....

Mucus, or boogers are a very natural byproduct of being human, a nasty part of being human. No one likes boogers or likes to clear them out because well, its embarrassing. I mean seriously, they come in all shapes sizes and colors even. Boogies, as Boogie Wipes calls them, come in a clear, yellow, green, and white. Each color means something different. If its clear it means that all systems are normal. Yellow means there is an infection of some kind, green means there is too much smoke or pollution in the air, honestly I'm surprised more people don't have green boogies because of the way the atmosphere is. Finally, white boogies means that you are drinking too much milk. Now the question is, how do you get rid of these boogies?

Well there are many products that are available that are supposed to help you with the infamous boogie problem. There are tissue paper, napkins, and of course kleenex. The problem with all of these products is that they are so rough and dry and make the process of getting the boogie's out very unpleasant. Oh and you can't forget about the sleeve, a child favorite. If I can make a suggestion for a product to use it would have to be Boogie Wipes. Boogie Wipes is a product made specially for the boogie epidemic.

Boogie Wipes are alcohol free and are made with a gentile saline making it easier to get the boogies out. They are available in different scents including Great Grape, Magic Menthol, Original-Fresh, and Simply Unscented. They are really soft and are made with vitamin E and aloe to prevent your nose from chapping caused by blowing and wiping all the time. This is something that the products I mentioned previously could not claim. I cannot count the many times that my kids have come to me complaining about having to blow their nose because of how their nose was burning because of the irratation caused by using toilet paper, napkins, and kleenex.

Boogie Wipes is a great product that is geared towards children in an effort to stop the spread of germs and boogies, they even have a pledge to save the sleeve. The kids take this pledge and they will receive a backpack boogie badge. Boogie Wipes come in 30 packs for home or office use. They also come with single packs called "Boogies on the Run" that are perfect for pockets, purses, diaper bags and backpacks.

Again, this is a great product, and it literally does save the sleeve. It genuinely does encourage both kids and adults to wipe their nose and it does it softly and effectively. My kids and I absolutely love Boogie Wipes and can't think of any reason to go back to using napkins, toiletpaper, or kleenex. Over the past couple of months, all three of our children have been battling colds and illness. We have gone through plenty of Boogie Wipes. They also make an adult version called "Achooz." We are Boogie Wipes fans for life.

On a scale from 1-5.  We give Boogie Wipes a 10.  Yes, a 10.  We always have Boogie Wipes on hand.  We love this product.


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Flats Challenge and Why we are doing it!!!

Have you heard of the Flats Challenge.  Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry is challenging everyone she possibly can to participate.  The Flat Challenge is from May 23rd-30th.  Yes it is only one week.  Yes you have to use flats.  Why flats you ask.  Flats are really cheap and dry really fast.  During this week you must use your flats and hand wash them.  Why are we doing it?  We believe that no baby or toddler should have to be in a diaper longer that recommended.  Either in cloth or disposables babies should be changed every two-three hours unless sleeping. There have been a ton of articles lately about babies getting life threatening infections due to over use of disposables.  I know the economy is bad and a lot of parents are trying to make ends meet.  We are too.  This is why I am doing this challenge.  I want to show moms and dads how easy it really can be.  So please if you would like to participate too, please visit Dirty Diaper Laundry for more information. 

We will exclusive be using flats, day and night.  We will have about 4-5 covers in rotation and will wash every night.  Wash by hand.  It really is this easy.

I will be posting updates during this week of the Flats Challenge.

~Cloth Mommy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Who doesn't remember using a straw of some kind in order to drink something when we were growing up? It was the perfect solution because it streamlined the drinking experience, eliminated any spilling, and at least for me, it made me feel cool. To be able to drink something without spilling and being able to drink something without having to worry about choking on ice that would eventually make its way to your mouth when drinking without a straw was and still is a great luxury to have growing up.

Growing up going through adolescence and during our teachings at school we learn about how certain things are bad for the environment, unfortunately straws land in the category of things that are bad for the environment. This news coupled with the fact that sometime during your adolescence you begin to outgrow the use of straws, but just when we think all hope is lost for the straw, here comes an amazing company named Strawesome. This is a company we absolutely love, because of them I have found myself to be in love with straws once again. Strawesome specializes in making glass straws, and not only are they made of glass, and great for the environment, but they are also works of art. Not only are they great to use but they are great to look at. We received some straws that are just amazing to look at, the designs are beautiful and extremely unique.Every straw is one of a kind, handmade by a WAHM (work at home mom).

The Strawesome straws are all reusable and really easy to clean and like I mentioned before, they are great for the environment. Strawesome straws are all made of glass and are toxin-free with no BPA's or phthalates. Strawesome comes in different designs including a really cool bendy style that looks pretty cool. The glass they are made out of is the same as Pyrex dishes. The decorations on the straws also prevent them from rolling around.  Strawesome also gives you a lifetime warranty on your straws.  If they break, contact them and they will replace it. They come in six, eight, and ten inches. They also come in different categories like decorative, non-decorative, regular, thin, smoothie (which are thicker in order to make it easy to drink the smoothie), bent, bubble tea, cocktail and finally, colored. They also sell them in sets and you can get an optional carrying case for your straws.

Our New Strawesome collection.
This is a great product that is both great for the environment and amazing to look at, these straws are works of art, and not many other company's can claim the same praise. My family and I really love this product, so much that I find myself staring at the different designs displayed on their website, as well as drinking out of straws again. This company is genuinely deserves all the success they receive for their environmentally safe and extremely unique product. They definitely have my attention, and deserve yours. We like them so much that we already purchased a Family Set, a Bubble Tea Straw and a Blue Straw for our six year old.  Like my six year old who loves his Strawesome straw says, "Strawesomes are really awesome!"

On a scale from 1-5, we give Strawesome a 6.  Yes, we love them that much!!!

To get your very own Strawesome click here.

Strawesome is also giving one of Cloth Mommy's fans a straw from her Artist Collection. Please comment on this post to be entered. Please visit the Strawesome Website and tell me which straw(s) you like best.

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Good luck to everyone and thank you Strawesome for sponsoring this review and giveaway.
~Cloth Mommy & Cloth Daddy
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Thank you everyone who participated.  More giveaways will be posted this week.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Cutey Baby

Once I found out that Cutey Baby was re-releasing their "That's A Wrap" cover I had to try it.  I originally did a review on the old version.  I loved the wrap but had a problem with the velcro.  It would curl really bad within a few washes and wouldn't stay put.

As soon as I got the new wrap, I tore open the package.  I think I do that with all fluffy mail.  It was a pretty pink gingham. It came with two insert that tuck into the wrap.  The inserts are microfiber with a fleece lining on top.  They are also contoured so there isn't as much bulk for you baby.  The insert is a double layer that is sewn on the top and bottom, to dry faster.  I also got a roll of bioliners.  I love their bioliners.  I just wish they had them in large too.  I really like this wrap.  I love that I could tuck the bioliner in, in the back a little bit so it stays in place.  It absorbs fast and is very absorbent. Maya is a heavy wetter and could nap with it on with absolutely no leaks.

The only down side to this diaper is that the velcro still curls a little.  But it does stick in place.  I also love that they have a ton of beautiful colors and prints.  Cutey Baby is also avail. in some local grocery stores.  They also have coordinating wetbags to go with your wrap. 

On a scale from one to five we give this wrap a 3 1/2 diaper pins.  If it came in snaps or better velcro we would give it a 4 1/2.

To get your very own Cutey Baby "That's a Wrap" check your local grocery store or go to their website.

Thank you Cutey Baby for a chance to do this review.