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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some knowledge of cloth...

As everyone knows cloth diapers have been around forever. What most people remember is cloth, pins and rubber pants. At least that is what I thought about three months ago, when I went into a local cloth store. The modern day cloth is all about color, prints and easy closures.  We went from all disposable to all cloth.  At that time we started to research cloth and realized that it is just healthier. Disposable have only been around since the 1960's and take 500 years to decompose in our landfills. So when you think about it, every diaper ever used since then is still in our landfills. Disposables have also been linked to medical conditions such a Asthma.

 Now there are all different styles of cloth diapers:

** AIO(all in one), which is just as convenient as a disposable but you just wash it. It has a hook and loop closure, like velcro. You just throw it in your wash instead of the trash. It is waterproof with a soft lining for your baby's bum.  Also easy for dad or a babysitter to use.
**Fitted Diapers, as it sounds is fitted around the baby. This is the absorbent part of the diaper system and needs a cover. They are incredibly soft. Most of them are cotton, bamboo and fleece. You could get them in all different colors.
**Covers and Wraps, come in all differnent colors and prints. You could get snaps or hook and loop closures. You would put a cover or wrap over your fitted diaper or even over a prefold.
**Prefolds are like your old fashion diaper but instead of wrapping around baby, you just fold it in a tri-fold and insert in the wrap. This is the absorbent part of the two part system.
**OS(one size) Diapers, are adjustable from birth to potty training. They usually have snaps in the front that adjust the size. You could get these in pocket style or AIO.
**Pocket Diapers, actually have a pocket in them. The outer part of the diaper is waterproof and has a soft pocket. For these you must have a insert for them. You could stuff a pocket diaper with a prefold if needed. You could add as much or little stuffing to match the exact absorbency that you need. Also, come in cute prints and colors.
**Inserts are made of microfleece or bamboo. They are what you need to stuff your diapers.
**Bio-liners, an Eco-friendly, flushable liner that holds the solids and the pee to pass through. It makes cleaning of the diapers easier.
**Hybrid Diapers, are the best of both worlds. It is a cloth and disposable system all in one. You use the shell with a cloth inset or a disposable insert. This allows you to reuse the shell a couple times before washing...

Which ever way you go is great. It is all about personal preference. My recommendation is trying a few different styles to decide what works best for you.

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