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Friday, July 30, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week

As a breastfeeding mom, I will be supporting World Breastfeeding Week , August 1-7th.  Each day I will be posting a different topic about breastfeeding.  If there is something you would like us to talk about, comment on this post.

~Cloth Mommy~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bebe Paluzza:Baby and Toddler Expo

Have a baby or toddler and in the Chicagoland Area.  Stop by and visit the Bebe Paluzza.  Here is a clip from Channel 7 News about the Expo.  We will also be blogging live from the show. #babyshow

Bebe Paluzza 
Chicago Baby & Toddler Expo 
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center 
Sat. & Sun. 
(317) 517-9920

~Cloth Mommy~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why can't anyone sleep!?!

Maya and Cloth Daddy asleep on the couch.
The best part about being a mother is that you are always there for your children.  But, why does it always have to be at 2am.  My five year old son woke me up at two saying he couldn't sleep.  He said, "Mommy, can I go lay in the front room?"  Of course I wanted to get back to bed so I agreed.  About two minutes later he runs back into my room.  I get up once again and ask him what's wrong.  He then tells me,"Mommy I'm scared...I was putting on the tv and someone was whispering my name..." I told him it was ok and he could go back in the front room.  He seemed ok but no more than 15 second after he left my room, there he was again. He ran back into my room, telling me the same story.  I told him it was ok and to just stay in our room.  At this time Maya had already woke up once and was in our bed.  I put a pillow and blanket on the floor for Nik and he lied down.  He fell asleep in two seconds flat...  Now I think, ok I can finally get some sleep.  No, not my luck.  As soon as I lied back down, I started to get a migraine and felt sick.  "What is going on tonight?"  Then when I finally start feeling a little better and lay back down, of course, Maya wakes up. She was so fussy.  This time David got up with me.  I changed her diaper and made her a bottle.  She refused to let me nurse her.  She is so stubborn.  David took her, and now, at 5:14am they are both asleep, on the couch.  At this time I would think I could go back to bed, but no, I am wide awake. I love waking up to my children, but for one night can Mommy get some sleep.  Xavier, Nik, David and Maya are all sound to sleep.  I guess I should cherish this moment.  At least it's quiet in this house.  Even though I have been up since two and can't go back to bed, I will enjoy the quiet.  I don't think I'm the only one out there, that feels like we need just one day of peaceful sleep.  One day i will get that peaceful sleep, but for now I will just enjoy the fact that when something is wrong, the kids come to me.  I am their protector.  I always will be...

~Cloth Mommy~

Nik asleep on my floor, right next to my bed.

Friday, July 23, 2010


What could be better than an all natural detergent that rocks your world...Or at least your diapers...What kind of Rock do you like; Soft, Classic or Hard?  Not to mention the scents like Motley Clean, Bare Naked Babies, The Plain Green Teas, and more.  I first tried Rockin Green when I started cloth with my daughter.  I then got another brand of detergent to use.  It seemed like my diapers were not getting clean.  Once I switched back to Rockin Green everything got better.  I had some stinky diapers.  I soaked my cloth in Rockin Green overnight and in the morning they were clean.  There were no stains and you should have seen the water. At that time we were using Classic Rock, Bare Naked Babies.  What could be more better than a detergent you can use, not only on your diapers, but on everything.  You only need a couple of tablespoons to clean an entire load.  I then got a couple of samples of Hard Rock in a few different scent from Rockin Green.  I love them even more.  We have hard water in our home so the Hard Rock worked even better.  My diapers come out of the wash smelling great!!!  Then once I sun dry them, it just gets better. I have never had as great of an experience than with Rockin Green.  My new favorite is Hard Rock, Smashing Watermelons...I like Rockin Green so much I decided to get some for our first prize in our Blog Giveaway.  Now that I have a new love, our clothes and diapers smell so good.  I hate doing laundry.  Cloth Daddy usually does the laundry, but now I will volunteer to do it.
Knowing that I am not only getting my daughter's diapers clean, and all of our clothes and towel clean and smelling great, I am helping the environment. Rockin Green is an all natural detergent. It is free of any dyes, naturally scented, phosphate free and great on everything. Rockin Green has never been tested on animals and is packaged in recyclable packaging.  I will never use another detergent.  I might try a couple more Rockin Green scents though.

Cloth Daddy and I give Rockin Green Detergent 5 diaper pins.(like 5 stars) We recommend this to everyone.  Even if you don't have kids or babies in cloth, use it for yourself.

You can order Rockin Green from, or get it at any Rockin Green Retailer.

~Cloth Mommy~

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cutey Baby "That's a Wrap" Cloth Diaper

Last week I received our first Cutey Baby Wrap.  This new product by Cutey Baby is a two part cloth diaper system. The diaper comes with a shell and you can get two packs of inserts. You just have to tuck in the insert, put it on baby and go. When I first saw it I thought it was so adorable. I have used their AIO diaper and thought it was a little to big on my 13 pound daughter, but the wrap fits much better.  Cutey Baby has three sizes, which insures a better fit.  The smallest even fits as small as a 5 pound baby.  They have both girl and boy patterns and smooth non-scratchy velcro closures. We got the Pink Gingham print. Cloth Daddy refers to it as a cute picnic tablecloth on Maya's bum. Cloth Daddy even loves this diaper.  So this wrap is daddy friendly.   The material is soft,  along with the leg elastic, and not bulky at all. This wrap is very easy to use and is very absorbent.  You don't even need to take the insert out before washing, it will come out in the washer. I can't wait to get another.  I like this product. Overall I give it 4 1/2 diaper pins. (On a scale from 1-5)

Cutey Baby "That's a Wrap" Diaper is sold at Midwest Costco Stores,, Comfy Bummy Diapers and Cutie Poops and Bottoms.  You can also see exactly how this diaper works at the following link:

Go out a get one for yourself.

~Cloth Mommy~

**Cloth Mommy was given one wrap and insert for this review by Cutey Baby.**

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tie Dye To Die For

Do you like tie-dye?  Our local cloth diaper store just got some in.  These cute and adorable tie-dye diapers are made by ButterBears.  ButterBears are made by a mom in upstate New York.  This is a cute OS pocket diaper. The cloth on the outside of the diaper is so soft.  The inside is made of a suede cloth.  The tie-dye comes with two inserts and snap closure.  I love the fact that no two are alike.  Since they are homemade tie-dyed diapers they are all different.  We have a pink and orange one.  We only wanted this pocket diaper because it was cute. I washed it only once and had to put it on my daughter.  It was really absorbent and no leaks.  It has a higher rise, which we love and fits my 13 pound daughter perfectly...Overall I love this diaper.  I give it 5 diaper pins (like 5 stars).

So everyone, check out ButterBears.  You are going to love them.
Go to and check them out.

~Cloth Mommy

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do you like Cutie Poops? We do!!!

On a usual shopping trip one day to Trader Joe's we noticed this store.  "Cutie Poops and Bottoms," I told Cloth Daddy...I was wondering what they sold. I saw the two diapers on the "oo's," but it didn't dawn on me that it was a cloth diaper store. I have never seen the "modern" cloth diaper. When I thought of cloth diapers, I thought of cloth, pins and rubber pants. But, not in this store. Maya was only a month old when we first went into the store (4 months now).  Sherri, the owner of Cutie Poops and Bottoms, was there that day. She greeted us and was so nice.  We looked around and saw all of these diapers in beautiful prints and colors. Sherri asked if we wanted to know about cloth and we said no.  As we were about to leave we saw a disposable diaper display. When we say how many diapers you use and the cost, we turned back and looked at Sherri. At that time she asked us if we wanted to learn more about cloth.  We were about to exit the store and turned around to learn more.  Sherri was so pleasant to talk to. Once she told us about the links to medical conditions that disposables have, we started to think. Then she explained that it takes 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose.  WOW!!! That is disgusting!!!  She showed us all the different types of cloth. We told her we would think about it and come back.  What we loved about her was the atmosphere.  We weren't even buying anything and she was still so nice, Sherri did not pressure us at all.  But of course Cloth Daddy and I stood there in the middle of the store and thought, lets give it a try.  So, we ended up buying the Gro-Baby(now Gro-Via) shells and biosoaker hybrid set.

We got home and started to try them out.  We loved it!!! It was only about three or four days later, we went back into the store.  I only had about $150 to spend, but had to have more.  Sherri was about to leave and Tina helped us out.  Again, we felt so welcomed.  She went through the entire process again and helped us pick out the different types to try.  Sherri also has a trial program too.  But we already knew we would love whatever we tried...  I love the atmosphere of this store.
Sherri carries several brand and types of diapers, she not only carries your top name brands but diapers and other products made by work at home moms.  She also has other natural parenting items. She sells everything from ring slings and baby carriers to organic baby food.  There is a large classroom in the back to host classes and parties.  My son and I also attend the Yoga for Youngins class...

I could go on and on for days talking about Cutie Poops and Bottoms.  It is our favorite store.  I even find myself going in when I don't even need anything.  Its not like it is just right around the corner. They are about 15-20 mins form our house. Cutie Poops and Bottoms is like a second home to us and many of the moms and dads that shop there.  But, there is also one more big reason to why I shop there.  Sherri is a mom, a mom running her own business with four children.  I support the small business and all moms with dreams.

Before you order online think if there is a store near you.  You may even have to do some research.  It is just so much better to support a small local business and even a WAHM.

For those of you who live in the Chicagoland Area, stop in!!! I promise you won't regret the drive. But, if you can't come and experience what I have, then shop her online site.

Cutie Poops and Bottoms
14910 S LaGrange Road
Orland Park, IL 60462
Mon-Fri. 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 11am-4pm

Or online:

~Cloth Mommy~

Summer the AppleCheeks™ Way Photo Contest! - A Reusable Diaper Revolution:

Summer the AppleCheeks™ Way Photo Contest! - A Reusable Diaper Revolution:: "Summer the AppleCheeks™ Way Photo Contest!

Recently I made mention on our Facebook page about our upcoming photo contest. I apologize for taking so long to post the details but in light of the fact that we're technically not supposed to be using our Facebook Fan Pages to host giveaways (BIG BOO FROM THIS SIDE OF THE FENCE), I've been trying to think how to best make this thing happen.

So what I've decided is that contests will now be held through my blog, just to avoid problems. However, as this is a photo contest I'll ask you to post your photos to our Facebook Fan Page."

$3500 in 35 Days!

$3500 in 35 Days!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FuzziBunz® Cloth Diapers, Wipes, Changing Pads and Nursing Pads: Earth Friendly Baby Care!

FuzziBunz® Cloth Diapers, Wipes, Changing Pads and Nursing Pads: Earth Friendly Baby Care!

first time parent

As the title of this blog states I am a first time parent, sure I've been around kids all my life but its nothing like having your own. Its not like I can give the kid back to where it came from, she stays with me all day 24/7. It is nothing like I thought, now I never had the illusion that I would be able to give back my daughter and go on my merry way. Was I nervous at any time during my wife's pregnancy? Of course, there are plenty of questions that ran through my mind and as many people that know me know, I am a thinker and constantly play with ideas in my mind. So you can imagine how many scenarios passed through my head at all times of the day. Will she love me instantly? Will the love have to be earned? Will the love be unconditional? Will I love her unconditional? Will I love her instantly? As a first time father a lot of dads will ask the same questions and that is perfectly ok. You will always second guess yourself and always question if your doing a good job or not. The important thing is that you don't psych yourself out.
So here it is, the moment of truth, March 6, 2010. Will I cry, will I faint, will I run out of the room in pure hysteria? All of the preparation in the world could not get me ready and mentally prepared for what was about to happen. The doctor comes in, I don't remember what they are called, but she came in nonetheless, and it wasn't just one it was a whole gang of them all waiting to see what it was we created. So Maya Leilani was born and I'm waiting for my reaction to take place when nothing happened. Absolutely nothing happened, no reaction not even a blank face. It was as if I was just a spectator who didn't understand what was going on. I was there, my heart was there, my mind was there, but surprisingly no reaction. At this moment I thought I had my first failure as a parent. I mean come on, I didn't show any type of emotion, my wife was crying my wife's cousin was crying and I'm pretty sure one of the doctors was crying. I felt at the time that I should have shown some type of emotion, every one of my friends who is a father or my father have told me of all of the outpouring of emotions they felt at the time of the birth so by all accounts I thought I would have an outpouring of emotions and I didn't, not yet.
I did in fact show emotion, I showed it right when she was given to me. I was taken to the nursery and was able to bond with her for those brief moments. That is when it hit me, I am a father, I have a daughter and my life as I know it changed completely, for the better of course. It is not all about me anymore, every decision I make now has consequences for my daughter, and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. Now I am a ball of emotions, every night she sleeps I can't help but stare at her and wonder what she thinks of me and dreams of. She makes me laugh everyday and couldn't imagine not having her in my life.
So if your gonna be a first time father and your not sure if your ready or not sure if your good enough or if your worry is that your child will not love you, get that idea out of your head cause everything you thought will go out the window in a hurry. Enjoy being a father it is one of the greatest titles you can ever have, and don't worry you will be fine, it really does come naturally.

Cloth Daddy

Knickernappies makes San Antonio News

I came across this on YouTube today...It features a couple different brands of cloth...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some knowledge of cloth...

As everyone knows cloth diapers have been around forever. What most people remember is cloth, pins and rubber pants. At least that is what I thought about three months ago, when I went into a local cloth store. The modern day cloth is all about color, prints and easy closures.  We went from all disposable to all cloth.  At that time we started to research cloth and realized that it is just healthier. Disposable have only been around since the 1960's and take 500 years to decompose in our landfills. So when you think about it, every diaper ever used since then is still in our landfills. Disposables have also been linked to medical conditions such a Asthma.

 Now there are all different styles of cloth diapers:

** AIO(all in one), which is just as convenient as a disposable but you just wash it. It has a hook and loop closure, like velcro. You just throw it in your wash instead of the trash. It is waterproof with a soft lining for your baby's bum.  Also easy for dad or a babysitter to use.
**Fitted Diapers, as it sounds is fitted around the baby. This is the absorbent part of the diaper system and needs a cover. They are incredibly soft. Most of them are cotton, bamboo and fleece. You could get them in all different colors.
**Covers and Wraps, come in all differnent colors and prints. You could get snaps or hook and loop closures. You would put a cover or wrap over your fitted diaper or even over a prefold.
**Prefolds are like your old fashion diaper but instead of wrapping around baby, you just fold it in a tri-fold and insert in the wrap. This is the absorbent part of the two part system.
**OS(one size) Diapers, are adjustable from birth to potty training. They usually have snaps in the front that adjust the size. You could get these in pocket style or AIO.
**Pocket Diapers, actually have a pocket in them. The outer part of the diaper is waterproof and has a soft pocket. For these you must have a insert for them. You could stuff a pocket diaper with a prefold if needed. You could add as much or little stuffing to match the exact absorbency that you need. Also, come in cute prints and colors.
**Inserts are made of microfleece or bamboo. They are what you need to stuff your diapers.
**Bio-liners, an Eco-friendly, flushable liner that holds the solids and the pee to pass through. It makes cleaning of the diapers easier.
**Hybrid Diapers, are the best of both worlds. It is a cloth and disposable system all in one. You use the shell with a cloth inset or a disposable insert. This allows you to reuse the shell a couple times before washing...

Which ever way you go is great. It is all about personal preference. My recommendation is trying a few different styles to decide what works best for you.

Easy Greeny Mommy - Diapers