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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bling for me and my baby!!!

Well I have to admit that when I first heard of Teething Bling I was a bit skeptical. Once we got one to try out, I was convinced. I think that this is a great idea, my daughter is teething now and loves putting things in her mouth to chew. Before we tried Teething Bling nothing seemed to help soothe her discomfort, and we tried all kinds of remedies like, teething rings, these dough nut shaped products with water or some liquid inside of it that she absolutely did not like at all.

My daughter loves to grab onto my necklace and try and put it in her mouth. But, when I am wearing my Teething Bling necklace, she can put it in her mouth. I usually will take it off and give it to her while I am holding her. The Teething Bling necklace looks like a stone necklace to the ordinary eye. They also have pretty bangles too. I love being to accessorize with a product good for my child. I love that Teething Bling offers so many colors and combos.  I love we got a pretty Jade colored necklace and bangle.  It goes with everything and looks so elegant. The donut looks like a stone.

When we received the Smart Mom product we wore it and our daughter and she loved it, she started with the usual inspection of it with her trying to figure out what it is. Once she realized it was okay for her to put in her mouth she immediately did so. She also has a Teething Bangle that she uses for hours on end, we can work on the computer or do some work around the house and she will sit happily with her Teething Bangle just chewing on it. It's something that I can honestly say soothes her because she does not seem to be in any kind of discomfort at all, she actually seems like she enjoys it. No, this is not a toy and I only let my daughter put the Teething Bling in her mouth under supervision.

Now is it safe? Well Teething Bling is absolutely safe, it is non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free also, the Teething Bling pendent comes with a breakaway clasp. Teething Blings, Bangles, and key chains are all made with the same silicone as most other teething toys. The cool thing is that if you want any safety reports from Teething Bling, all you have to do is ask. They are more than willing to furnish test reports for concerned parents.

Smart Mom, the creator of Teething Bling has a lot of products that are great for babies and great for parents to help entertain their babies. They have Smart Mom Tee Shirts, baby onesies, gift cards, Tween Bling (for your older kid), Teething Bling gift sets, donut shaped pendents, donut shaped pendents with patterns which are really cool to look as well as good for babies, and coordinating bangles to go with the Teething Blings.

This is a great product that both parents and babies love, Smart Mom has developed an amazing tool to help parents with their teething babies. There is no worst feeling than your baby crying because of teething discomfort and not being able to do anything to help. Smart Mom has found a safe and proven to work solution that will ease the stress of both the baby and the parent. Great company, great products, great job Smart Mom.

I know this is not a diaper review, but from a scale from 1-5, I give Teething Bling 5 Diaper Pins.  We love our Teething Bling.

To get your own Teething Bling, you could buy it online or at any participating reatailer.

Or you can win your very own Teething Bling. Teething Bling will be giving one of my fans a Teething Necklace and Bangle.


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fluffy Monkey Butts

I came across a new WAHM.  She has created a fitted cloth diaper named Fluff Monkey Butts.  She is just starting out but is on a good start.
As one of her first testers and reviewers, I have to say she has something that could be big.  Her fitted diapers are constructed of flannel on the outside and fleece on the inside.  We got a really cute swirl print for our daughter. 

Once we washed our diaper, I couldn't wait to try it.  The fitted I received has no closure on it, so we had to use a snappi.  I have never used a snappi.  I thought it was going to be harder than it was.  The first use we put it on Maya, without a cover and it lasted about two hours without any leaks.  Since it is a fitted, you should use a cover for full coverage.  We did try it on her at night and it didn't last the 11 hrs she was sleeping.  I now use this fitted for day time use.

Overall I really like Fluff Monkey Butt's fitted diapers.  It is absorbent, cute and made by a WAHM.  It did need a few improvements.  The back tabs were a little short and I would prefer some type of closure (aplix or snaps).  Since I received my fitted, Fluff Monkey Butts has made some improvements.  They will now have longer back tabs with aplix closures. Yay!!!!  Fluff Monkey Butts has a new and improved design...I can't wait to get the new design.

On a scale from 1-5, we give Fluff Monkey Butts 4 diaper pins.

Cloth Daddy and I have our eye on a couple more Fluff Monkey Butts.  We love our fitted diapers.

To get your very own Fluff Monkey Butt visit their Facebook page.

~Cloth Mommy~