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Friday, July 23, 2010


What could be better than an all natural detergent that rocks your world...Or at least your diapers...What kind of Rock do you like; Soft, Classic or Hard?  Not to mention the scents like Motley Clean, Bare Naked Babies, The Plain Green Teas, and more.  I first tried Rockin Green when I started cloth with my daughter.  I then got another brand of detergent to use.  It seemed like my diapers were not getting clean.  Once I switched back to Rockin Green everything got better.  I had some stinky diapers.  I soaked my cloth in Rockin Green overnight and in the morning they were clean.  There were no stains and you should have seen the water. At that time we were using Classic Rock, Bare Naked Babies.  What could be more better than a detergent you can use, not only on your diapers, but on everything.  You only need a couple of tablespoons to clean an entire load.  I then got a couple of samples of Hard Rock in a few different scent from Rockin Green.  I love them even more.  We have hard water in our home so the Hard Rock worked even better.  My diapers come out of the wash smelling great!!!  Then once I sun dry them, it just gets better. I have never had as great of an experience than with Rockin Green.  My new favorite is Hard Rock, Smashing Watermelons...I like Rockin Green so much I decided to get some for our first prize in our Blog Giveaway.  Now that I have a new love, our clothes and diapers smell so good.  I hate doing laundry.  Cloth Daddy usually does the laundry, but now I will volunteer to do it.
Knowing that I am not only getting my daughter's diapers clean, and all of our clothes and towel clean and smelling great, I am helping the environment. Rockin Green is an all natural detergent. It is free of any dyes, naturally scented, phosphate free and great on everything. Rockin Green has never been tested on animals and is packaged in recyclable packaging.  I will never use another detergent.  I might try a couple more Rockin Green scents though.

Cloth Daddy and I give Rockin Green Detergent 5 diaper pins.(like 5 stars) We recommend this to everyone.  Even if you don't have kids or babies in cloth, use it for yourself.

You can order Rockin Green from, or get it at any Rockin Green Retailer.

~Cloth Mommy~

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