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Saturday, August 28, 2010

100 Blog Giveaway

Fans, please help get to 100 Blog followers.  I will give away a wetbag from Grovia once I hit 100.  Comment on this post and that will automatically enter you.   Please pass this on to everyone you know.   Once the blog reaches 100 we will have that giveaway.  Contest is now closed!!!

This winner of the 100 Blog follower is...

Comment #32...JessicaScallen
JessicaScallen, Please contact me within 48 hrs to claim your prize.  Email me at clothmommytellsall at yahoo dot com with your shipping info.
Thank you, everyone, for your support.
~Cloth Mommy~

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cutie Poops and Bottoms: Fluff of the Month Club

Cutie Poops and Bottoms introduced their Fluff of the Month Club today.  For one price you will get a different diaper every month.  The great thing is, some of the diapers you will be getting are WAHM diapers.  You get to choose if you want pockets/AIO, cover/wraps or it doesn't matter.  I'm so excited.  I love the diapers that are made by WAHM at Cutie Poops.  They may also throw in another diaper brand if they come out with a new color.  To make this even more wonderful, they offer FREE SHIPPING to the US.  They will even ship to Canada.

Wouldn't this make a great baby shower gift?!?

Visit them at and check out the Fluff of the Month Club or just click on the link below.

~Cloth Mommy~

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hi fans,

I had extended the deadline for our winners to claim there prizes and they still were not claimed.  Cloth Daddy and I are now figuring out what to do.  Since two of the prizes were not claimed we may just hold them and have a random giveaway.  Or we may pick new winners.  We are not sure yet.

Remember we are having more fan giveaways and something fun planned for everyone once we hit 100 Facebook and Blog followers...

Any ideas just let us know...

Thank you
Cloth Mommy

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cloth On The Line 1st place winner...

Anne Heath you have one a bag of Rockin Green Detergent...

Anne please contact me via email ( with your shipping info to claim your prize.  You have until Noon CST Tuesday Aug. 17th to claim your prize.  Thank you for entering Cloth Mommy's fist giveaway.

~Cloth Mommy~

Cloth On The Line 2nd Place Winner...

Marina Secor you have won a GroVia Wetbag...

Marina please contact me via email with your shipping info to claim your prize( You have until Noon CST on Tuesday Aug. 17 to claim your prize.  Thank you for entering Cloth Mommy's first giveaway.

Cloth on the Line 3rd Place winner.....

EMILY MELSON has won a laundry scoop.

Emily please contact me via email ( with your shipping info to claim your prize.  You have until Noon CST on Tuesday Aug 17th.  Thank you for entering Cloth Mommy's first giveaway...

~Cloth Mommy~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cloth On The Line Giveaway Winners

The winners for the Cloth On The Line Giveaway will be announced by 9am tomorrow morning CST...So if you have not yet entered, please do so by morning.  Go to the giveaways tab to see how to enter.  Remember we are CST.

Also, we have been trying so hard to reach 100 followers.  I wanted to reach them by tomorrow.  But we have more giveaways planned once we reach 100 followers on both our blog and facebook.  We will be having random giveaways for everyone...

~Cloth Mommy~

Monday, August 9, 2010

What do you feed your family?

What do you feed your family?  Do you eat all organic foods?  Are you a Vegetarian?  Or do you not care about what you eat?

I never cared about what I was buying, until about four months ago.  I started to eat healthier and cook healthier meals.  My boys love fruits and veggies and always have.  We now try to buy more organic foods.  Since my daughter is eating solids now, we only buy organics for her.  I mostly make my own baby foods.  If I don't then we only buy things like Plum Organics or Ella's Kitchen, which are certified organic.  Our meat is only free range and cage free.  It has made a difference.  Cloth Daddy no longer has really bad chest pains.  The boys' Asthma has gotten better and Maya has never been sick.  Well, I'm glad she has never been sick. She is only five months old.  But the boys were really ill when they were her age.

I will be discussing more about eating healthy in the upcoming weeks.

Please let me know how you feel about what you eat.

~Cloth Mommy~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Milkin' Cookies

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, some moms may need a little Milkin' Cookies.  No not Milk and Cookies.  Milkin' Cookies was created by two working moms trying to produce more milk, and wanted a way to help.  I have not tried these cookies yet, but will be this week.  I, like so many moms have a hard time producing enough milk for my daughter.  I have no choice but to formula feed her as well.  I have tried everything.  Nothing has worked for me.  I recently stumbled upon Milkin' Cookies.  I will be getting some this week and trying them.  But for those of you who would love to try them, they will be giving 10% off with order.  They have two flavors of cookies.  Now you just can't eat them all, well you can if you want.  I will be posting a review within the next week or so.

Please visit them online at and enter in code WBW2010 to get your 10% off.

~Cloth Mommy~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bebe Paluzza:Baby and Toddler Expo

Had a great time yesterday at the Bebe Paluzza.  We got there at 5:15am to get a Swag Bag, we were #3 in line.  Great and awesome products in the bag.  We had so much to do yesterday that we are going back today to see everything.  I will try and post at the show.  Cloth Daddy was posting from his phone yesterday.  Talk to you all soon.  Starting tomorrow we will be talking breastfeeding...

~Cloth Mommy~