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Friday, June 3, 2011

Is your baby a CatBird Baby!?!

At the zoo in Mei Tai.
How many parents want an easier way to get around with your little ones? How many parents have actually tried "wearing" their babies? CatBird Baby has made it easy for you! CatBird Baby has created a line of Mei Tai style carriers that you will love.  In 2004, founder, Beth Leistensnider was traveling with her 7 month old daughter and needed an easier way.  She then created a mei tai and it worked great. Once she returned from her travels, she realized that people were willing to buy her mei tais right off her back.  At that time CatBird Baby was created. She came up with a simple carrier that will work for anyone. CatBird Baby also makes another awesome soft structure carrier, called a Pikkolo, support belts and winter weather covers.

Fist time in Mei Tai.

Last year I found CatBird Baby.  I was really interested in them once I found out they are in Chicago.  Yes, my home town. We were looking for a soft structure carrier at that time. Cloth Daddy really loved the look of the Pikkolo.  We then decided to go with it.  Mei Tai carriers scared me.  I didn't understand all the long straps. I have seen many people wearing their baby in a mei tai, and I thought, "why not give it a try!"  CatBird Baby was so kind to sponsor this review.  They sent me a beautiful mei tai.  Once I opened it up I wanted to try it right away.  The nice thing is they give you illustrated instructions on how to use it.  You could carry your baby on your back, in a front carry or even hip carry.  I loved that is was so versatile. Another great aspect of CatBird Baby is that they all have hoods.  The Pikkolo and the Mei Tai have a hood to protect your sleeping baby or even from rain or the sun.  You could even visit their website at any time to learn how to use your mei tai. I found it extremely easy to carry Maya in a front carry.  The back carry needed some work.  From the first time I put Maya in the Mei Tai, she loved it.

Some people might say carrier your baby around is spoiling them.  They are wrong.  Not only does it make your life easier, but you create and ultimate bond with your baby.  I find it so much easier to carrier Maya around when she is not feeling well and only wants to be held.  When we go to the mall we don't have to worry about a stroller fitting through the aisles, or finding an elevator.  CatBird Baby carriers are light weight and stylish at the same time. CatBird Baby mei tais can also be used with a newborn.
The comfort of wearing a mei tai by CatBird Baby was extremely comfortable.  Maya is 14 months old and 22 lbs and I was able to wear her while gardening and walking around the zoo all day. Not once did I get tired or feel any strain in my back, like I have with other carriers. I have used various ring slings, wraps and carriers and I find that I love my CatBird Baby Mei Tai the best. Cloth Daddy still hasn't tried the mei tai but he loves his Pikkolo.

Once a scale from 1-5 we give CatBird Baby a 10!  Yes I said it, a 10!  We love how easy and comfortable they make it for parents and babies.

To visit the CatBird Baby website, click here.

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We would love to thank Beth from CatBird Baby for sponsoring our review.  Thank you!!!

~Cloth Mommy~


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