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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let Doopsy take care of the Poopsy

Its always exciting when we come across a new kind of cloth diaper. When we first started using cloth diapers we didn't think there were so many different choices, all boasting different features, inserts, and colors. We were not aware of how much of a wide variety of brands and styles there were, we unknowingly were being introduced to an amazing new market that we had no clue existed.

Then we came across a diaper called Doopsy SD Diaper. This diaper has an incredible feature, it has what they call a "super doopsy", which is like having a pocket within a pocket diaper. The Doopsy SD diaper is in fact a pocket diaper whose main feature is an amazing "double protection" insert. This double protection insert includes one layer of waterproof fabric on the diaper, one layer of waterproof fabric on the super doopsy that includes an extra absorbency pad with not one but two layers of bamboo hemp loop terry. You still want more protection? Well okay then, it also comes with one four layer microfiber insert. As an added bonus, the super doopsy can also be used on any prefold or any other type of diaper you can buy, which is a really nice option to have when it comes to cloth diapers because you never know when you will run out of inserts to use.

The Doopsy SD diaper is adjustable in more ways than one, it is adjustable in size and absorbency and can be used on babies ranging from ten to thirty five pounds. It also features a snap adjustment system that results in a trim fit made for your baby's body type. The Doopsy SD diaper also comes in a variety of different colors like sunny yellow, happy red, eco green, smiley blue, and giggly orange.

We love the fact that Doopsy uses both bamboo and hemp, two of our favorites. During the day, Doopsy SD diaper was great. My daughter is a heavy wetter and even with all of this absorbency protection, the diaper still leaked at night, which is a cause for concern. Even with the leak I still believe this diaper is a great product. This diaper comes with great colors, easy adjustable snaps, and an amazing absorbency protection feature. This diaper is definitely worth giving a try because of these great features, go out and give Doopsy a try.

On a scale from one to five, we give Doopsy 3 1/2 diaper pins, in a whole. If it was just based on day time use then we would give it 4 diaper pins. (like stars)

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  1. Sometime near Christmas (Due Christmas Day) I will be welcoming my new baby into the world. With this baby i am planning on doing cloth nappies only (with my son i did half and half) i would love my baby to experience the world as naturally as possible. and I think this Doopsy Diaper sounds great! it would be a great addition to my small collection of Fluffies.

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