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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It all begins with Square One

How many parents out there have gone to your local baby store to buy baby food only to wonder exactly what it was you were buying? You know, you stand there looking at the nutritional facts and not being able to read what it says because the words seem like they are written in a different language. Its ok if that is you because the fact of the matter is, you are not alone. Baby food always seemed artificial to us simply because of what it looks like, baby food, for lack of a better word, looks like slop. You can never tell what the food is just by looking at it, there is no texture and all of the flavors we have seen all look like apple sauce. Like I said, if you are this parent, believe me you are not alone. Parents everywhere have this problem, but have no fear, there is a solution.

In comes Square One Organics, an USDA certified organic baby food made for babies six months and up. Square One Organics have what they call organic super foods, these super foods are nutritionally dense and possess qualities that support healthy growth and development. Square One Organics has a nutritional panel that you can actually read and understand, for example, the pumpkin puree flavor is made of organic pumpkin and water. That's it! Nothing extra, nothing unnecessary. Even though the food is pureed, it doesn't all look like apple sauce, you can see the chunks of fruit and vegetable. You can see the texture of the food which gives parents the comfort of being able to see and be able to differentiate what it is they are giving their child, and that piece of mind goes a long way.

Square One Organic super foods are split up into three different age groups, six months and up, eight months and up, and ten months and up. The flavors in the six months and up are pumpkin, papaya, and peas. The super food in pumpkin benefits the eyes and heart, and is an excellent source of vitamin a, e, c, and b6. The super food in papaya benefits the skin, and is an excellent source of vitamin a, c, and folate. The super food in peas benefits the bones and heart, and is an excellent source in vitamin a, b1, b6, c, and k. This food is ridiculously healthy, and again it is in language we can understand.

The flavors in the eight months and up are butternut squash, mango, broccoli, and quinoa. The ten months and up flavor is spinach. Each flavor is full of beneficial vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that help promote healthy growth and development, all detrimental to the well being of our kids. This is exactly what the founder, Denise Henderson, was thinking when she started Square One Organics. Denise Henderson and her husband were blessed with twins with one of them having food allergies. When she found out that one of their children had food allergies, she made it her mission to learn about nutrition in order to stop any unwanted allergic reactions to the food. The solution was Square One Organics with real fruits and vegetables.

We have tried Square One Organics here at home and we absolutely love it, and so does our baby. Our daughter is nine months old and is in the second stage and loves the butternut squash, mangoes and quinoa.. We think that this product is genius because it gives the parents the ability to know what it is we are feeding our kids. Our daughter loves the food and we love the fact that it is really healthy for her.We try our hardest to make our own, but sometime our busy schedules get in the way.  This allows parents on the go, to still give their child food without any extra additives or chemicals in the process.

Square One Organics is a great product and should definitely be given a try. Its healthy, all natural, and babies love it. Square One Organics is easily accessible with plenty of options as to where it can be purchased. You can find them in countless stores in the Chicagoland area ranging from the city of Chicago, northern suburbs, northwest suburbs, western suburbs, and southern suburbs. For a complete listing of stores you can check out their website at You can also buy the food from their website. On the website you have different package options to choose from, a variety pack which includes different flavors, single flavor packages, twosome twelve pack which features two different flavors. The options are endless and all affordable.  It is even cheaper than the organic pouches you get at the store.  You get a twin pack for under $2.00 each.

Overall, we love this product, its healthy, babies love it, and all natural. We give this product 5 diaper pins out of 5.

You can visit their website and learn more about Square One Organics at

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