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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cutey Baby

Once I found out that Cutey Baby was re-releasing their "That's A Wrap" cover I had to try it.  I originally did a review on the old version.  I loved the wrap but had a problem with the velcro.  It would curl really bad within a few washes and wouldn't stay put.

As soon as I got the new wrap, I tore open the package.  I think I do that with all fluffy mail.  It was a pretty pink gingham. It came with two insert that tuck into the wrap.  The inserts are microfiber with a fleece lining on top.  They are also contoured so there isn't as much bulk for you baby.  The insert is a double layer that is sewn on the top and bottom, to dry faster.  I also got a roll of bioliners.  I love their bioliners.  I just wish they had them in large too.  I really like this wrap.  I love that I could tuck the bioliner in, in the back a little bit so it stays in place.  It absorbs fast and is very absorbent. Maya is a heavy wetter and could nap with it on with absolutely no leaks.

The only down side to this diaper is that the velcro still curls a little.  But it does stick in place.  I also love that they have a ton of beautiful colors and prints.  Cutey Baby is also avail. in some local grocery stores.  They also have coordinating wetbags to go with your wrap. 

On a scale from one to five we give this wrap a 3 1/2 diaper pins.  If it came in snaps or better velcro we would give it a 4 1/2.

To get your very own Cutey Baby "That's a Wrap" check your local grocery store or go to their website.

Thank you Cutey Baby for a chance to do this review.

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