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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boogie down....

Mucus, or boogers are a very natural byproduct of being human, a nasty part of being human. No one likes boogers or likes to clear them out because well, its embarrassing. I mean seriously, they come in all shapes sizes and colors even. Boogies, as Boogie Wipes calls them, come in a clear, yellow, green, and white. Each color means something different. If its clear it means that all systems are normal. Yellow means there is an infection of some kind, green means there is too much smoke or pollution in the air, honestly I'm surprised more people don't have green boogies because of the way the atmosphere is. Finally, white boogies means that you are drinking too much milk. Now the question is, how do you get rid of these boogies?

Well there are many products that are available that are supposed to help you with the infamous boogie problem. There are tissue paper, napkins, and of course kleenex. The problem with all of these products is that they are so rough and dry and make the process of getting the boogie's out very unpleasant. Oh and you can't forget about the sleeve, a child favorite. If I can make a suggestion for a product to use it would have to be Boogie Wipes. Boogie Wipes is a product made specially for the boogie epidemic.

Boogie Wipes are alcohol free and are made with a gentile saline making it easier to get the boogies out. They are available in different scents including Great Grape, Magic Menthol, Original-Fresh, and Simply Unscented. They are really soft and are made with vitamin E and aloe to prevent your nose from chapping caused by blowing and wiping all the time. This is something that the products I mentioned previously could not claim. I cannot count the many times that my kids have come to me complaining about having to blow their nose because of how their nose was burning because of the irratation caused by using toilet paper, napkins, and kleenex.

Boogie Wipes is a great product that is geared towards children in an effort to stop the spread of germs and boogies, they even have a pledge to save the sleeve. The kids take this pledge and they will receive a backpack boogie badge. Boogie Wipes come in 30 packs for home or office use. They also come with single packs called "Boogies on the Run" that are perfect for pockets, purses, diaper bags and backpacks.

Again, this is a great product, and it literally does save the sleeve. It genuinely does encourage both kids and adults to wipe their nose and it does it softly and effectively. My kids and I absolutely love Boogie Wipes and can't think of any reason to go back to using napkins, toiletpaper, or kleenex. Over the past couple of months, all three of our children have been battling colds and illness. We have gone through plenty of Boogie Wipes. They also make an adult version called "Achooz." We are Boogie Wipes fans for life.

On a scale from 1-5.  We give Boogie Wipes a 10.  Yes, a 10.  We always have Boogie Wipes on hand.  We love this product.


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  2. I follow the blog. I would love to try the Great Grape.

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  3. I follow the blog and I am also a fan of Boogie Wipes. Would love to try the Great Grape

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  4. I am a fan of Cloth Mommy on FB

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